I am a third generation German cabinet maker and my woodworking life started at the Pretoria Technical College in my std 6 year (grade 8 now). We had two excellent teachers and I left school with a valuable set of skills and a passion for the craft.
After school I was more interested in art and and started sculpting and painting. The revolutionary fervour of the Russian constructavists (Rodchenko, Gabo et al) infected my veins but thankfully most of the fire has died down. Since then, apart from a few short excursions into film making and photography, I havebeendoing woodworking (including sculpting, cabinet making, kitchens etc.).
The Woodwork Academy started in 2007 when my eldest daughter Lisa asked me to teach some woodworking skills to my grandsons. From there the interest widened to more children and eventually to adults.

    • Alison van Zyl
    • November 21st, 2011

    Dear Woodwork Academy Owner,

    I read through all the articles written thus far, and found it both informative and extremely interesting. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and passion. Keep up the good work, motivating others to realise their ideals. It would be an honour to partake in these woodwork lessons, but unfortunately I find myself in the beautiful Cape of Good Hope.
    Regards Alison van Zyl

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