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A few of my students have (how shall I put it without risking misinterpretation?) an exploratory nature. How’s that. You can safely predict that whatever project they tackle will be ‘interesting’. My job in all of this is to point out that wood has certain limitations which has a direct bearing on some of the more euphoric designs. An unsupported 2m span of 25 x 50 spruce may be pushing it a little and why can’t we mortise and tenon the four sides of a blanket chest and so on.

And so when Carolus pointed at Jeff Miller’s chair with close on a thousand screws in it (Popular Woodworking Feb 2010) I just smiled feebly and said ‘Of course’.

But the one other thing I noticed with these adventurous individuals is that they don’t give up once they set out to do this thing (after we have sufficiently toned down the design to what wood can bear).

Carolus constructing the mahogany 'body'

Carolus liked the dark finish in Jeff’s chair so we settled on African mahogany (Khaya spp.) which is freely available here in Johannesburg.
A mix of plascon Mahogany and Ebony spirit stains  followed by three coats of Danish oil brought out a beautiful dark finish. Liberon paste wax gave it a soft sheen.

One chair - 1000 screws!

    • dave
    • October 11th, 2011

    Looks good Henry.. 😀

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