And you thought the Woodwork Academy was only about woodwork. Things tend to cluster together in groups and it is not surprising that a youngster who is being trained in classical music also has an interest in making things with his hands.
We find ourselves in a predominantly technological age. We manipulate two-dimensional images on a flat screen and it seems we cannot do without computers any more. Hmm? Really?
However, during my years of teaching woodwork I have repeatedly heard from adults that they are experiencing a growing need to do something their hands. As one corporate man put it “I stare at a computer screen five days a week and I desperately need to make something!” Some individuals will obviously experience this need more than others but it seems as if the human psyche has to have some practical creativeness in order to maintain equilibrium.
But if this is true of adults it is certainly also the case with children and teens. Studies have conclusively shown that handcrafts encourage intellectual development.
So, I would encourage the young (and the older) to play Max Bruch and to build Chippendales.
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